Trees give Oxygen

Trees give life-supporting Oxygen and that’s one huge reason to plant more!

  1. devan said:

    ur garphic msg’s are simple, yet powerful… dats wat its all about huh?!

    i jus saw an article bout a german artist who uses trash to make life size sculpturs of man… calls it trash man… full of meaning and good street art…
    but a comment by someone on de net said: “wat do we do with all dis art.., adds to land fill,becomes trash by itself”…

    thats wer graphic design.. good graphic design comes in i guess… we can send a msg with out bein extra weight ;-)..

    am an amateur graphic designer and rued de fact dat indians dont have enuf web presence.. but urs is de first one.. i think i find .. a real freelancing indian.. awesome… and inspiring me to stop procrastrinating…

    way to go!

  2. Mayank said:

    Thanks for your kind comment, Devan; I truly appreciate it. Have replied to you on e-mail.

  3. Shradha Mathur said:

    One should not incur the cost of missing this. Outstanding conceptualization!

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