Corruption impedes growth

This typographical graphic attempts to portray that corruption has a negative impact on the development/growth of a country or economy. Instances of rampant corruption hampering developmental projects, investment, business plans, ambitions, etc. are far too many, at least in India. This graphic, ironically, also portrays how corruption is ‘tied’ to the process of growth and development wherein funds meant for development are often misused by the corrupt.

  1. CADER ELISA said:

    When men will stop to beleive that money can buy all. And when they will stop to believe in money more than in human beings, more than in themselves, more than in their soul, more than in their heart, there will not have more corruption. MOney is a GOD for many, and i have pity for all those who love too much money and power. When they will die, what will they bring with them ? NOthing. They will die alone, naked,as they born.I understand this. And i admire this graphic. Elisa

  2. Mayank said:

    Thanks for your kind comment, Elisa.

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