— Graphic Reflections


Created for a group show of posters titled ‘Invasions’ (held at Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, in May 2003), this illustration attempts to question modernisation and urbanisation, though its meaning is best left to the viewers’ interpretation.

  1. CADER ELISA says: November 1, 200612:53 am

    I agree with this graphic. I hate such development. I hate all those who want to built eeverywhere, who take all the place, who force people to leave their village and district, to the name of modernity, and in fact who built prisons for modern and rich life, who live without sky, birds, trees, weathers. I cant accept this and unfortunately, governments to the name of progress, give the right to do this. And the rights of people are not respected. Exactly like in some isles, the Andaman island, where tribal are exterminated. Elisa.

  2. joy says: February 20, 20093:12 am

    i LOVE this one!!! that’s Exactly how i feel as my town (and especially the hills above), continues to grow and grow and become more and more crowded while shutting out the sun that we all need to grow. What will we be left with when all is said and done? Concrete. yay.

  3. Mayank says: August 28, 20091:24 pm

    Thanks for your comments, Elisa and Joy.

  4. shradha mathur says: July 3, 201112:52 pm

    Urban Gentrification is not just the loss of neighborhood and community but reflects a vicious chain of learned helplessness, insecurity and existential crisis for those ‘objects’ and ‘subjects’ which have been displaced. Admirable use of colors and shadow effects; that make the overall phenomena understandable to every person, in the same intensity and with the same emotions.

  5. Mayank says: July 3, 20113:33 pm

    Thanks for your insightful comment, Shradha.

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