Communal violence

Communal Violence defaces and destabilises the country is what this graphic (based on the Gujarat riots of 2002) tries to portray. No religion teaches hatred, senseless destruction or killing; riots are sometimes fueled by sly political agendas and usually result in loss of life, peace and property among other things. Communal violence is almost always a setback to the development process.

  1. CADER ELISA said:

    Religion must not be mixed with politic. But everybody does this. Its easier to explain why they kill, why they destroy, why they dont give he right to live as human beings. BUt its a very delicate subject. Fortunately many understands religion as a peace and quiet message. But not enough. Difficult to change now, too hardly work to make understand that they are wrong. JUst hope that one day, something will change, only hope.

  2. Aditya MJ said:

    best one I have seen so far… exteremely simple, exteremely direct, and very, very symbolic

  3. ruchika said:

    my thoughts are ditto those of Aditya MJ.
    very simple, very direct, and very very symbolic.
    its brilliant.

  4. Mayank said:

    Thank you, Elisa, Aditya and Ruchika, for your kind comments.

  5. Shradha Mathur said:

    India, today, requires saffron and green band aid.

  6. admin said:

    I agree, Shradha 🙂 Thanks!

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