India v/s developed country

In its quest to become a developed country, one area where India clearly lacks is solid waste management, to which increasing importance is being given in most developed counties. In India, unsegregated waste is carelessly thrown near street side waste bins from where it is collected by municipal trucks and usually transferred to landfill sites. Birds and animals feed on openly lying waste and poor, informal wastepickers often dangerously rummage through it and salvage some of it for recycling. Proper management of waste is a strong indicator of a responsible and developed society; to become a developed country in that sense, India has a long way to go. (Bottom right photograph: garbage collection in Sweden. Photographer: Niklas Johnsson, curtsey Stock Xchng. Top left photograph: a garbage collection bin outside a posh South Delhi neighbourhood.)

  1. Andrea Zoppi said:

    Nice.. But have you seen the latest photos of NAPOLI.. which is in Italy.. G8 country, (one of the top 8 economies of the world?) I guess you must have by now.. its nice to show images of delhi and feel better about ourselves.. But wake up to reality mate..


  2. Mayank said:

    Thanks for your comment, Andrea

  3. Jo said:

    Garbage is a problem everywhere.
    Not the developed countries are finding ways or actually are having trouble finding ways to get rid of their garbage and so are shipping it to undeveloped countries.

    I agree that garbage on the streets is a huge problem and one that will be corrected by itself as incomes in these countries improve.

  4. Mayank said:

    Thanks for your comment, Jo. Well, I agree to an extent 🙂

  5. Shradha Mathur said:

    United Nations still have not specified clear indicators/ demarcations between developing and developed nations. One fault is the calculation of National averages, ignoring inter state and within regional differences.India is far more developed than many nations (we still have plenty of sunshine, human labor, water reserves, Government schemes for the Elderly and poverty alleviation programs) but as Indians we never take responsibility at the level of community betterment. One Champaran Movement alone is not sufficient.

    Please bring more photographs.

  6. Mayank said:

    Thanks for your comment, Shradha. Makes me think a lot!

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