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Animal and bird highways

This graphic attempts to plot ‘highways’ used by two animals: Squirrel (yellow) and Cat (orange) and one bird: Dove (blue), as observed from a terrace in the city of Jaipur, India. So busy and lively these animals and birds keep our surroundings; how wonderful!

  1. Aditya MJ says: June 12, 20072:33 pm

    Hey how did you chart these out? This one is really cool man… was working on a film on eagles, crows, pigeons and aeroplanes, whose routes would be mapped somewhat like this…

  2. mani says: October 29, 20087:25 pm

    dear mayank,
    i flew with this! and skittered, and scampered… for a few minutes there i was at my most spontaneous… thanks.

  3. Mayank says: February 7, 200912:15 pm

    Thank you, Aditya and Mani-di, for your kind comments.

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