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A kitten’s world

This graphic shows the area in which a kitten born in our house lived for a couple of months, before consuming a dead rat and dying. In her brief life, this was her ‘world’, the only world she saw or knew.

  1. Discount Cat Supplies says: September 26, 200810:50 pm

    What a sad story! At least her life looks like it was full of everything a kitty could possibly want, including a dead rat carcass, unfortunately. In the end, the pet population needs controlling so it’s not really a bad thing, but I’m sure it’s never fun to see a kitten dying 🙁

  2. Harshita Verma says: December 31, 200812:20 pm

    Hi !! Had been wanting to comment on this for a long time. So finally …

    This has become my all time favourite graphic. I have it on my work desk and hope i am not violating any copyrights 😛 For me it serves as an reminder to keep looking out for my canine friends, since a world without them would really not be worth anything. Thank you so much :o)

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