Life span of a littered plastic bottle

This graphic attempts to illustrate the life span of a littered PET bottle, as inspired by the shape of the bottle itself. With a substantial time spent in production, shipping and shelf display, its usage time is usually the shortest, often just a few minutes and if not disposed properly (like this one which was found in the midst of vegetation at Central Park, Jaipur, India), it can lie for months, sometimes years, as nothing but waste…

  1. Tom Snari said:

    Good picture. Plastic waste can take hundreds of years actually before it has been broken down properly. It is therefore important that each country has proper methods to gather such waste and encourage people to dispose PET bottles for instance against getting some money or other incentives.

  2. Mayank said:

    Thanks for your comment, Tom.

  3. Shradha Mathur said:

    Informative and Innovative

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