Waste / Litter

This graphic attempts to illustrate the life span of a littered PET bottle, as inspired by the shape of the bottle itself. With a substantial time spent in production, shipping and shelf display, its usage time is usually the shortest, often just a few minutes and if not disposed properly (like this one which was found in the midst of vegetation at Central Park, Jaipur, India), it can lie for months, sometimes years, as nothing but waste…


In its quest to become a developed country, one area where India clearly lacks is solid waste management, to which increasing importance is being given in most developed counties. In India, unsegregated waste is carelessly thrown near street side waste bins from where it is collected by municipal trucks and usually transferred to landfill sites. Birds and animals feed on openly lying waste and poor, informal wastepickers often dangerously rummage through it and salvage some of it for recycling. Proper management of waste is a strong indicator of a responsible and developed society; to become a developed country in that sense, India has a long way to go. (Bottom right photograph: garbage collection in Sweden. Photographer: Niklas Johnsson, curtsey Stock Xchng. Top left photograph: a garbage collection bin outside a posh South Delhi neighbourhood.)