A typographical graphic about how Corruption takes away from the Development processRampant corruption, like the kind that exists in a country like India, takes away from the development process. To illustrate this point, in the typographical graphic above, one letter has been taken away from each set of words related to development and used to compose the word ‘corruption’ below. Though efforts are made to hide corruption by those who indulge in it, it does show up eventually, often through incomplete or less effective or shoddy development that results from corruption (as shown in the graphic).


This typographical graphic attempts to portray that corruption has a negative impact on the development/growth of a country or economy. Instances of rampant corruption hampering developmental projects, investment, business plans, ambitions, etc. are far too many, at least in India. This graphic, ironically, also portrays how corruption is ‘tied’ to the process of growth and development wherein funds meant for development are often misused by the corrupt.