— Graphic Reflections

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Some of the graphics and photographs showcased on this blog have been used by people / organisations as follows:

Sustainable development: the ideal scenario
This graphic was used by Michele Ferenz, Senior Adviser at the UNICEF headquarters in New York, in a presentation to senior leadership of UNICEF titled Environmental Sustainability. (September 2012)

Life span of a littered plastic bottle and India vs developed country
These graphics were used by Beth Richter at the Department of Science, Hamden Hall School, CT, USA, in classroom sessions about consumption and waste for middle and high school students. (September 2010)

Population Pac-Man, Development v/s population and India vs developed country
These graphics were used by Mr. Sriram V. at a talk titled India: Myth or Reality at the American Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo, Japan. (May 2010)

Time: drags and flies
This graphic was used by Adrian Iveson, Global Sr. Director Consumer & Customer Insights, Campbell Soup Company (NJ, USA), in a presentation to her team about dealing with time pressures in marketing. (February, 2010)

Trees give Oxygen and Battery low!
These graphics were used by Hyemin Lee, a National University student majoring in Public Administration in Jeju, South Korea, in a report titled Jeju Green Stamp Project, aiming to protect Jeju’s environment and promote sustainable tourism. (August, 2009)

I hate this, I hate that
This graphic was used by award-winning spirituality and ethics columnist Douglas Todd in an article titled Hate expands when people feel shrunken. The article was published on his blog at The Vancouver Sun website. (February, 2009)

Population Pac-Man
This graphic was used by Alexander Leishman, honors program student at the University of Maryland, College Park, USA, in a presentation titled Health Care in India, part of a course called Understanding India. (December, 2008)

Sustainable development: the ideal scenario
This graphic was used by Sayaka, Masters for Urban and Regional Planning program student at University of California, Irvine, USA, in a professional report titled Creating Sustainability Indicators for the City of Los Angeles. The professional report (PR) is equivalent to an MA thesis. (December, 2007)

Corruption impedes growth
This graphic was translated into Spanish and used in issue 19, volume 5, of Revista Futuros, an electronic magazine in Spanish promoting dialogue on sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean, published by the American Friends Service Committee. Revista Futuros were also very kind to publish a short writeup about this website, which can be found Here. (November, 2007)

This graphic was used in the introduction (Raga India: Architecture in the Time of Euphoria) of November / December 2007 issue of Architectural Design magazine titled Made in India, guest edited by Kazi K Ashraf, published by John Wiley and Sons, Ltd, U.K. Architectural Design is an influential and prestigious publication with an almost unrivalled reputation worldwide, consistently at the forefront of cultural thought and design.

One sheet of paper!
This graphic was printed on the back cover of July 2007 issue of Platform, a magazine on creative lifestyle, published in New Delhi and distributed by the India Today Group.

Many of the graphics featured on this website were used as part of the Year 11 Geography curriculum, by Elizabeth O’Hagan, a Geography and Social Studies teacher at Aorere College, Auckland, New Zealand. The graphics were used in the classroom, where students practice interpreting graphics, cartoons, etc., and also on two Wikis developed by Elizabeth. (April, 2007)

This graphic was displayed at Invasions, a group show of posters curated by Dr. Nuzhat Kazmi, held at Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, in May 2003.

Manhattan, after September 11
This graphic was printed in the Creative Corner section of The Advertising Brief, October 4 2001 issue. The Brief was one of India’s leading publications on advertising, published for Mid-Day Multimedia Ltd, Mumbai.