A typographical graphic about how Corruption takes away from the Development processRampant corruption, like the kind that exists in a country like India, takes away from the development process. To illustrate this point, in the typographical graphic above, one letter has been taken away from each set of words related to development and used to compose the word ‘corruption’ below. Though efforts are made to hide corruption by those who indulge in it, it does show up eventually, often through incomplete or less effective or shoddy development that results from corruption (as shown in the graphic).


In its quest to become a developed country, one area where India clearly lacks is solid waste management, to which increasing importance is being given in most developed counties. In India, unsegregated waste is carelessly thrown near street side waste bins from where it is collected by municipal trucks and usually transferred to landfill sites. Birds and animals feed on openly lying waste and poor, informal wastepickers often dangerously rummage through it and salvage some of it for recycling. Proper management of waste is a strong indicator of a responsible and developed society; to become a developed country in that sense, India has a long way to go. (Bottom right photograph: garbage collection in Sweden. Photographer: Niklas Johnsson, curtsey Stock Xchng. Top left photograph: a garbage collection bin outside a posh South Delhi neighbourhood.)

This graphic, based on the iconic computer game Pac-Man, takes a somewhat pessimistic approach and asks if India’s mighty population is ‘eating up’ the country, mainly from an environmental perspective. While India’s large (and growing) population can be advantageous in some ways, it is not hard to imagine how much pressure it exerts on the country’s finite resources.

Communal Violence defaces and destabilises the country is what this graphic (based on the Gujarat riots of 2002) tries to portray. No religion teaches hatred, senseless destruction or killing; riots are sometimes fueled by sly political agendas and usually result in loss of life, peace and property among other things. Communal violence is almost always a setback to the development process.