More Than Enough Bombs!

The earth, and alongside it 5 clusters of bombs of varied shapes and sizes, in the same color scheme and round shape as earth

This graphic was inspired by an opinion article that Mayank came across — about some of the larger countries possessing enough nuclear bombs to destroy life on earth several times over! And that’s just nuclear bombs, besides countless other bombs / missiles that countries on our planet together possess.

The task of conserving our planet’s environment and natural resources is already a difficult one, each bomb is also a huge setback to this process.

Experiencing hostility — of other countries, from others, and within oneself — is an inherent part of life. The Indian scripture Bhagavad Gita touches upon this subject beautifully, wherein a dialogue about wisdom takes place in the middle of a battlefield right before the commencement of war. But what can we do about it? The answer perhaps lies in starting to understand and lessen the hostility and anger towards others that we often feel within — which is usually a struggle lasting many years if not an entire lifetime.

Suggested reading on ICAN website: What happens if nuclear weapons are used?

Photograph of Earth courtesy