Water Scarcity

The word ‘Water’ in white wherein each letter is filled with blue upto a different level, on earth yellow background

Experiencing the water table dwindle and bore wells run dry in his hometown of Jaipur (Rajasthan, India), prompted Mayank to make this graphic. Even as water constitutes around 60% weight of the human body and is essential for sustenance of all known forms of life, smooth access to potable and usable water continues to be a big issue in many parts of the world.

Demands of rising human populations, intensive water use in agriculture, erratic rainfall patterns, vanishing wetlands, neglect of traditional rainwater harvesting structures, pollution, greed, corruption, indifference, conflicts and poor planning are just some of the many reasons for water woes the world over. Despite the widespread and at times overwhelming problem of water scarcity, stories of people making a difference are often in the news. One wonders thus if addressing this complex issue starts with doing our bit..