My Split Personality!

Two emojis: a shining, smiling face with the text ‘On Social Media’ and a neutral face in the dark with the text ‘In Real Life’

Social media is an amazing virtual space where we get to interact with our friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers and even celebrities, with just a few clicks of the mouse (or touches of the screen). Many of us feel inclined to present our idealised or best identity including achievements, skills, interests, world views, etc. on social media as we see others do the same! It is sometimes difficult to accept how lives of others projected on social media could be better / happier / more successful than ours as we deal with our own imperfections in our far-from-perfect world. The graphic above attempts to depict this disparity or duality, using emojis, in a humorous way 🙂

Another line of thought is that the idealised image or identity we project on social media can also be aspirational and drive us to become better versions of ourselves. What is our opinion?