Transit Lounge (for Starlings)

Many Rosy Starlings on a leafless tree with an airport terminal like signage of Transit Lounge above

Come April and many large trees in Delhi, capital city of India, start blooming with frenzied activity! Rosy Starlings (Pastor roseus), arriving from southern parts of India, congregate in the city in large numbers. After wintering in India and also Sri Lanka, they journey northwards to their summer breeding grounds in Western and Central Asia to as far as Eastern Europe. En-route, as passage migrants, they stop-by in Delhi. In mornings and evenings, witnessing them fly about in flocks, perform aerobatic manoeuvres (also known as Murmuration) and settling on trees for a bit of chatter is a sight to behold. The trees that host them seem to play the role of transit lounge for their onward journey 🙂