Priceless, Timeless Watch

Closeup of the needle-less dial of a gold wristwatch studded with many small diamonds around the rim

This illustration was inspired by materialistic inclinations of a few of Mayank’s acquaintances. It features a wristwatch, which, over the years, has transcended its original role of telling time to become one of the most popular status symbols — easy to wear, flash and be noticed by others. The more exquisite, unique or expensive the watch, the more it says about the wearer.

Showing-off possessions — for more than their utility value — as a sign or symbol of one’s taste, success, achievements, and even superiority, is often an innate human desire. Many products available in the market therefore have an aspirational value. Greed and insecurity are also traits that sometime make people excessively materialistic.

Mayank has also had his tryst with materialism, in particular his admiration for several product brands. Here’s an interesting read on The Conversation website: There’s no shame in being materialistic – it could benefit society.