Time: Drags and Flies

Colourful illustration of a wall clock wherein the needles slow down and speed up in a loop

This animated graphic is based on Mayank’s experience of living and working out of a studio apartment wherein random glances towards his wall clock made him realise how time would sometimes (appear to) speed up or slow down. Time would fly during enjoyable situations, while working on demanding assignments or while running late for meetings! It would seem to drag in difficult circumstances or while waiting for an important moment.

Experts say that our understanding or experience of time is largely subjective: qualitative instead of quantitative. A lot depends on how much attention we give to time and how we perceive time.

The subject of Time is complicated and exhaustive with philosophers, psychologists, scientists, even businessmen and management gurus having their say about it in the course of ages. Wikipedia has lovely information on the subject, including different aspects and interpretations of time. An article on Gizmodo Why Does Time Slow Down and Speed Up? is also a very interesting read.